Jessie Spence MC, LCMHCS

Who I Am

Portrait of Jessie Spence

I'm Jessie Spence (they/them), a Licensed Counselor Supervisor. Supporting my clients as they learn about themselves is my life's work. I work hard to cultivate a space of non-judgment because therapy only works when you can be vulnerable, take risks, and grow. I don't just tolerate diversity; I celebrate my LGBTQ+, fat, and Highly Sensitive clients as the beautiful people they are.


I've been counseling since 2010, and I've learned a lot over the years. I know when to give a supportive nudge toward change, and I know when to listen with empathy. My clients appreciate that I'm gentle yet firm with challenging them. My approach is psychodynamic and values-based, meaning that I believe we are not defined by our moods or "dysfunctions" but by our values and core self. My work is influenced by Acceptance & Commitment therapy, Internal Family Systems, and Interpersonal Theory.

My clients often deal with:

Clinical Supervision & Consultation

I am honored to help newer counselors grow in their professional identity by providing clinical supervision. I also offer professional consultation services for established counselors and anyone who is seeking to learn more about trans health best practices, body liberation, Highly Sensitive People, or private practice development.

Pay What You Can

I use an anonymous, donation-based payment system that allows me to focus on collective income instead of monitoring individual accounts. I trust that one client's lower payment will be softened by another client's higher payment, and vice-versa.

I do this because:

It's normal to have questions about this system. See these guidelines and details.

Pay what you can.